Perfect Oil


PERFECT brand concentrates are a refreshingly simple, appealing, and accessible line of products, designed for new and experienced cannabis users. Our sativa/hybrid/ indica packaging enables customers to easily choose their experience.

A SATIVA inspired experience that delivers a refreshing sense of renewal and energy. The sun is up, and things are happening! The crisp PERFECT DAWN formula get’s your morning off to the right start.


A HYBRID inspired experience that speaks for itself. Vibrant and balanced, PERFECT DAY supports action, play and enhances clarity while delivering calm and focus.

An INDICA inspired experience. Smooth and mellow, PERFECT NIGHT is a seamless companion for tranquility, meditation, and relaxation. A mellow and engaging partner to help dusk surrender to the moon. Enjoy a starlight concert or a take chill walk on the beach.


Our cartridges are wickless, and feature a ceramic coil with stainless steel wiring. The mouthpiece is made of Pyrex glass and can be removed for cleaning. Finally, This cart can be refilled with other oils of a similar thick viscosity for up to 6 months of refills depending on use.


Our strain specific waxes contain original terpenes and are available in 1g packages. They are thick and sticky, not crumbly or dusty, making it easy to dab or paint joints. Perfect wax is packaged in silicone pucks, making it easy to grab every last dab.