3 Ways to Tastefully Incorporate Recreational Cannabis into Your 4th of July Barbecue

4th of July doesn’t have to be all about brats and beer this year. Here are the three ways to tastefully incorporate legal cannabis into your barbecue while impressing your regular cannabis using friends but without terrifying the dabblers and non-users.


Slightly sweet and bubbly Utopia sparkling cannabis water is one thirst-quenching option for incorporating cannabis into your barbecue. Utopia is available in cherry, grapefruit, and lime in 12-ounce bottles with 10 MG of cannabis. The lower dose of cannabis makes Utopia approachable for less experienced attendees. Grab an ice bucket and arrange the color bottles for guests. Don’t forget to label the ice bucket or make a sign so attendees know it’s infused with cannabis.

Ditch Beer

While Happy Apple resembles cider more so than beer, but you can easily swap out that Bud Light for some Happy Apple cannabis-infused apple drink. Happy Apple has the perfect amount of THC you’re looking for. Need a light social buzz before the fireworks go off? Looking for some recreational sipping? Or perhaps something a bit stronger? We got you covered. Expertly handcrafted with 10MG, 50MG or 100MG per 12 ounce bottle, Happy Apple is tailored to be equally enjoyed by your friends who dabble, as well as regular light dose cannabis users.

Infused in Food

Making Jell-O shots for the Fourth? Add some Pearl20. Think beyond the Jell-O shots for an extra adult touch. Make cocktails with Pearl20, add it to dip, salsa, or even barbecue sauce. Use the hashtag #cookwithpearl and we might feature your unique recipe!

Looking for Utopia, Happy Apple or Pearl20? Check for availability on our website then, give the stores a call before heading out.

Karen Locke

Karen Locke

Karen is a writer, author, and content strategist with nearly ten years of writing experience. With a concentration on food, drink, and travel, she's written for GQ, Bon Appétit, Sip Northwest, Thrillist, and more. You can find her in dimly lit bars and restaurants, or exploring the Pacific NW when she's not writing full time.

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