The 5 Best Cookbooks for Summer

One of the features people love most about Pearl is that its odorless and tasteless AKA you can add it to just about anything. It also comes in a discreet vial so you can pour in a dose of cannabis wherever life leads you. We have an entire page filled with inspiration to get you in the kitchen and get cooking. However, there is something about flipping through an old fashion cookbook that sets the wheels in motion. We have rounded up the best summer cookbooks with a wide range of cuisines below. Get ready to start dog-earing!

Recipes from an Italian Summer

Dreaming about getting away to the Italian coast but don’t have the budget to do so? This cookbook has over 400 easy seasonal recipes with mouth-watering photography to boot.

The Third Thursday Community Potluck Dinner

Coming together around the kitchen table to swap stories and delicious food is a great way to get to know your community. Get tips to start your own potluck along with a diverse range of recipes ranging from Buttermilk Corncakes to Plumgood Roast Chicken.

American Burger Revival

What’s more classic than a burger? Start up the grill and choose from 120 burger recipes that are not only creative but drool-worthy.

Modern Sauces

A good sauce takes a so-so recipe to new heights! Explore more than 150 recipes for beginners and experts alike.

Munchies: Late Night Meals From the World’s Best Chefs

We could not wrap up this post without a cookbook all about munchies! Chefs have submitted recipes that soak up the booze after a rowdy night out such as Tongue Chili Nachos.




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