How to Ask Someone to Be in Your Wedding Party with Vertus

Most of us have been in a bridesmaid (or groomsman) situation when the duties turned out to be way more than expected. Ensure your bridal party has a spectacular time even with all of the duties by asking them to be in your wedding with Vertus, a cannabis champagne, in hand. With all of the details take into account in wedding planning, don’t forget about the people who will be by your side on your wedding day.

When should you ask someone to be in your bridal party?

You should ask someone to be in your bridal party at the very least 60 days after an engagement, according to Allowing this grace period will keep you from rushing to a decision, but will also buy you some time in case a relationship is on the fritz. Another aspect to consider: your venue may determine the size of your wedding party. Will you get married in a church with a stage of a certain size or will your wedding be outdoors with plenty of space? Once you have the details figured out that will affect your wedding party, it’s time to ask your friends to be a part of your big day.

Surprise your bridal party with Vertus

There are a ton of bridesmaid gift ideas out there but bridesmaid “survival kits” are popular due to their usefulness that doubles as a “thank you.” Items like emergency bobby pins, mouthwash, and bandages are all handy, but add a cannabis champagne and your bridesmaids may actually remember the gift after your wedding day. A lot of marijuana edibles don’t necessarily come in classy packaging but Vertus, which resembles a cannabis champagne, is bottled in the same bottles as your favorite Prosecco or bubbly. If you plan on blocking off a portion of a hotel for your bridal party, you can contact the concierge at the hotel about leaving Vertus in the hotel rooms for some morning-after-the-big-party relief.

Want to order a case of Vertus for your bridal party of wedding? Contact a retailer near you.


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