Entertaining with Happy Apple: An Etiquette Guide

Old school party going etiquette says that as a guest you should always bring flowers in a vase so the hostess doesn’t have to fumble around while greeting other, more polite guests.

In case you come to one of my parties in 2018: you can bring me flowers in Miller High Life bottle—picked in an alley—and I would love you forever. While party etiquette has loosened up for both hosts and attendees, it can be challenging to maneuver the use of legal drugs and alcohol while entertaining. Here’s a guide to serving Happy Apple at dinner parties and gatherings without looking like a total jerk.

Start with a Low MG

Wouldn’t want a lightweight friend chugging a hefty 100 MG bottle at 2 AM, now would we? Depending on your attendees’ affinity for cannabis, you may want to buy single bottles of 10 MG to ensure everything is copacetic all night long. In Washington state 10 MG of THC is considered one serving. Happy Apple comes in 12 oz bottles that contains 10 MG (1 serving), 50 MG (5 servings) and 100 MG (10 servings).

Peer Pressure to a Degree

A good hostess offers people beverages, or at the very least sets up a self-serve drink station (less lazy hosts, add cute signage). Personally offering friends a try of Happy Apple can be enough casual “peer pressure” to ensure your friends have a great time. After you’ve had a few drinks and are offering up more Happy Apple, people may say no, and that’s OK. Just remember to leave the chanting for never, and let it go.

Encourage Microdosing

No harm in offering less than 10 MG, which is considered one serving. Party goers will appreciate being able to sample Happy Apple without having to commit to an entire bottle or serving. The idea is to find that threshold microdose for you. For many people this is about one tenth the dose they would normally take to get high.

Put it in a Glass, You Damn Animal

While we love our bottle design, serving Happy Apple in a glass can encourage your guests to keep track of their consumption. Bonus points for you if you have classy or vintage glassware ready and available for Happy Apple, in addition to other beverages served.

Expect People to Be High

Ever made a really strong cocktail for a party and then hours later realized, “Holy shit everyone is wasted!” Expect the same outcome, especially if introducing your friends to edibles and cannabis drinks for the first time. There is added responsibility in serving your friends cannabis—but hey—same goes for alcohol and that hasn’t stopped us. Just look out for them and make sure they get home. Or maybe just Bert-and-Ernie it up, and let them stay in your bed [pulls covers up to chin]?

To purchase Happy Apple for your next dinner party, birthday bash, or celebration, head into one of our legal retailers.

Karen Locke

Karen Locke

Karen is a writer, author, and content strategist with nearly ten years of writing experience. With a concentration on food, drink, and travel, she's written for GQ, Bon Appétit, Sip Northwest, Thrillist, and more. You can find her in dimly lit bars and restaurants, or exploring the Pacific NW when she's not writing full time.

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