Expertly Green: How to Smoke Weed With Your Mom

Dear Expertly Green,

I took your “Cannabis Talk” quiz and talked to my mom about cannabis. She’s down to get high with me! But she kinda wants me to hold her hand as she tries weed again for the first time since the ‘70s. Do you have any recommendations so we’re not high out of our minds and paranoid?


The Good Son

Dear Good Son,

When introducing cannabis to anyone, especially smokers from the 1970s (helloooo ditch weed), we always recommend microdosing, both with edibles or when smoking. You could start with a full-on CBD, however, if your mother has already smoked back in the day, there’s no need to strap her into a rear-facing car seat by avoiding THC.

If dabbling in THC strains of flower, try a hybrid with a lower THC level. Some strains can contain THC levels well over 30 percent, which would have been harder to come byor impossible!in the era your mother was toking up. Look for a strain with a lower THC level below 20%, and one with a bit of CBD if she has had knee surgery or any other ailments. Hybrids are always a good bet. Next set the mood, Pack or roll your desired vehicle for smoking and take one or two hits. Then just chill. Remember, take it low and slow.

In the world of edibles, go for those you can drink. Try a drink like Happy Apple™ or Utopia™ sparkling water. Products like these are available in single-serving, 10 MG bottles, which also work for super microdosing. Pearl20 MINIs can also be added to food or over beverages and also come in vials of 10 MG per serving. With drinkables, you may want to start with less than the recommended 10 MG. Cannabis drinks tend to process in our bodies faster than a cookie might—so although edibles sound like a scary situation—they make it super easy to control doses.

I’m not telling you to buy the products my company makes for job security (OK maybe I am!), but also because I have truly had the best experience with these drinks. I have a history of being super paranoid from cannabis edibles. When I consumed these products in a situation that would normally make me paranoid while high (around other professionals in a social situation), I concentrated less on what could go wrong with my words and more on how wonderful the high was. Don’t you want this for your mother?

Create new memories and laughs while showing your mother the ropes of consuming weed in 2018. Fingers crossed she’ll retire that story about that one time you jumped off the roof Mary Poppins-style and broke your arm.

Mother’s Day may have passed but you can still take the quiz to determine if your mother is ready for “The Cannabis Talk.”

Karen Locke

Karen Locke

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