How to Give an Unforgettable Wedding Toast

At most weddings, there’s little drama. That’s the beauty of them, right? You gather with friends and family, watching as two people who love each other celebrate and honor their relationship. But here’s the tricky party: along with all the great food and music, there’s the toast – otherwise known as a wedding landmine.

Letting just anyone just hop on the mic and spout what they’re feeling in the moment – well, that can be dangerous. You never know if Uncle Buck will go on and on somehow comparing the groom to craft beer. You never know what friend from college might mention those nights that should remain unmentioned. In other words, the wedding toast is crucial and can define any reception.

And now that it’s summer – aka wedding season – the art of the toast is even more central. But don’t fear! At Tarukino we’ve given some great ones (and also learned from a few mistakes). We have all the info you need to successfully win (and even infuse) those few important words. So, without further ado, here are seven tips for raising a glass and winning your wedding toast.

Keep it short: As soon as the forks start clinking, the clock has started. People want the thrill of a good speech, but more than that, they want no embarrassment. Even a simple, “Let’s raise a glass to this beautiful couple!” works in a pinch.

Stick to one or two ideas: Don’t ramble. Less is more. See?

Include a G-Rated joke everyone will get: Let the joke be the hearth around which everyone listening warms their proverbial hands. If necessary, make yourself the butt of it. But remember: the key is to not embarrass anyone! “Don’t they remind you of a modern-day Homer and Marge?” something simple.

Vertus is your pal: While champagne is the traditional go-to, let’s bring wedding your toast into 2018. Just ask our wedding planner pal, Bec Koop: you need bubbles, of course, but the art of the surprise is good too! Raise a glass of non-alcoholic cannabis champagne and see the world through Vertus-colored lenses.

Call for a round of applause for the couple: Let’s get rowdy! Something like, “And as we think about the couple, let’s give them a moment of NOISE!”

Don’t ask for a moment of silence: I actually did this once. Not expecting to give a speech, I froze and said the wrong thing. Don’t compare the couple to a funeral. FYI.

Honor them: In the end, this is the one real task. Take a deep breath, and think about what makes them special. It shouldn’t be too hard, young toastmaster.

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Jacob Uitti

Jacob Uitti

Jake Uitti is a Seattle-based writer, Tarukino marketer, and Uber Eats aficionado. He thinks life is best with a hot (delivered) meal, a catchy song and a cold bottle of Happy Apple to split with a friend. Follow him at

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