Grab Your Bathing Suit! The Best Places to Swim Outside in Seattle

Seattleites know what it’s like to be wet. But more often than not, that means we’re feeling the effects of rain on our foreheads and not the glistening pools those who live in sunshine states get to enjoy. But it’s summertime now and that means it’s warm out, the rain has subsided for a few months and it’s time to swim! But where can Emerald City residents go swimming outside? It’s time to abandon the bathtub snorkeling and jump into the diamond glinting waters of the beautiful Seattle-area. And here’s where to do it – along with the best and closest dispensaries!

Outdoor Pools (Colman and Pop Mounger): Colman is a picturesque pool between verdant woods and blue waters. Located in West Seattle, this is a true, public summer oasis. Mounger, located in Magnolia, has a water slide and kiddie pools along with the main attraction. It’s a classic community swimming hole.

Nearby dispensary: The West Seattle Marijuan Store (10825 Myers Way S, West Seattle). Lux Pot Shop (4912 17th Ave NW, Ballard)

Lake Washington (Matthews Beach, Magnuson Park, Madison Park): The expansive Lake Washington is seemingly everywhere in the city and it’s one of the best ways to get cool in summer. Some areas are more suited for your dip and a sun bathe than others – some even seem like real beaches! So, we recommend the three in parenthesis above.

Nearby dispensary: Everywhere

Beaches (Golden Gardens Alki): Our answer whenever any new Emerald City transplant smugly says, “Seattle doesn’t even HAVE beaches!” Well, we have Golden Gardens and Alki, two gems of the city. You can relax with your dog, read a novel, enjoy a bonfire or just stare at the spare clouds in the sky, naming them after your favorite cartoons. Beaches!

Nearby dispensary: Ocean Greens (9724 Aurora Ave. N). Have a Heart Belltown (115 Balnchard St)

Don’t (Green Lake and Lake Union): When you take a dip in these bodies of water, you risk feeling gross. Whether it’s algae that feels more like baby sewage (Green Lake) or the oily residue from motor boats (Lake Union), you’re best not to venture in these waters unless you’re truly desperate.

Nearby dispensary: Don’t

Bonus (Nude Beaches): They exist in Seattle! And while there are a few, it’s best to find out about these through word of mouth (or, just Google it). But we will point you toward one: Denny Blaine Park.

Nearby dispensary: Uncle Ike’s Capitol Hill (501 15th Ave E)

Jacob Uitti

Jacob Uitti

Jake Uitti is a Seattle-based writer, Tarukino marketer, and Uber Eats aficionado. He thinks life is best with a hot (delivered) meal, a catchy song and a cold bottle of Happy Apple to split with a friend. Follow him at

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