Opinion; Let’s Talk About Cannabis and Sex!

I pay attention to everything cannabis and sex. Not only is it my area of expertise but it’s a blossoming product segment and something that doesn’t get nearly enough detailed discussion.

A couple weeks ago when I encountered a video Leafly put out discussing the use of cannabis for sex, I eagerly clicked. However, I ended up sharing it with the team here at Tarukino as an example of the problem with the way our industry handles the intersection of these two variously stigmatized topics. Even though the information presented was good and accurate, it was incomplete.

Let’s start with the positive points first: as soon as I clicked, I was excited to see my old friend Jeremiah, with whom I used to work at Dockside, on screen! He’s a knowledgeable and eloquent speaker about all things cannabis. He and the level scientist did an excellent job talking about how to select a strain, and how terpenes play into the articulated experience of the buds you take home. It’s much more complex than the old Indica/Sativa dichotomy. We’re finding terps and minor cananbinoids play a huge role in how a strain manifests, whether it makes you more energetic or sleepy, less anxious or more creative.  Furthermore, since most people choose smokable cannabis for sex, starting there makes total sense. Both people are very smart, thoroughly educated and deeply knowledgeable about the plant, that’s clear.

However, the conversation stopped there. There was no mention of other methods of consumption, and no sexual health information or consent education was conveyed. This is where I thought it was useful to levy a critique: a lot of people have a really thorough knowledge of cannabis or a really thorough knowledge of sex/sex education. But almost nobody is standing in both of those worlds, which is why I decided to start teaching Cannabis and Sex workshops in the first place. The conversation in the industry often ends up one-sided and with sex, that’s a major failing because we’re dealing with something that has profound consequences for people’s emotional and physical well-being.

Sex and Cannabis
I feel as if it’s not too severe to say consent violations along the spectrum are a possibility if we do not shift to speaking holistically about this topic. I do think it’s irresponsible to talk about adding any psychoactive to sex without mentioning consent, especially during this massive cultural reassessment of what meaningful consent is defined as. At a minimum, we need to encourage thinking about consent mindfully and having these conversations before you’re high.

If you’re going to alter your perception in any way before heading into a potential sexual encounter, you should be thinking very seriously about what activities you are and aren’t comfortable with, how you will communicate with your partner(s), and what you and they will do if something goes wrong. If we don’t give people guidance on this, I think we run the risk of encouraging folks to make decisions in an altered state that put their body and soul at risk.

As a final note, there is no reason men cannot do a fantastic job of educating about cannabis and sex but women’s experience with sexuality is so relevant that it was strange to me that they only had men speaking. I wish they would have included a woman in the video to represent the female point of view.

My critiques of our industry’s handling of these topics come from a place of love, and with a genuine desire for mainstream society to see us leading the way in social consciousness. If we shift the conversation to one that is broader and more inclusive, we all win. And have better orgasms.

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Chelsea Cebara

Chelsea Cebara

Chelsea Cebara is a Product Developer and Brand Manager for the cannabis-infused sexual lubricant, Velvet Swing. She teaches Sex & Cannabis workshops and is constantly on a quest to put out information about the confluence of sexuality and cannabis.

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