Meet Our VP of Science: Scott Riefler

Our VP of Science, Scott Riefler is literally bringing rocket science to the kitchen. He’s our in-house Certified Food Scientist, and so much more.

When he’s not in the lab doing science-y stuff, he’s around town giving talks and speaking in roundtable discussions about all things cannabis science. But before we get into Scott’s present, let’s look at where he’s been:

Before his role at Tarukino, Scott was on the TIC GUMS leadership Team, a producer of hydrocolloids (aka gum). Basically they make the gum solution that makes gum chewy.

Scott joined TIC in 2000 after spending twenty years in the aerospace industry with industry leader, American Cyanamid/Cytec Industries, serving the aircraft industry with structural adhesives and advanced composite systems. After his role of Global Technical Director, he became involved in mergers and acquisitions, assisting industry consolidation.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Scott, Tarukino’s VP Science, check out some of his upcoming events if you’re into the same nerdy stuff as we are!

June 2018
International Food Technologists
Webinar / Panel Member
Legalized Cannabis and Hemp Edibles-Processing and Safety

July 8-11, 2018, Salt Lake City
International Association for Food Protection: IAFP 2018 Annual Meeting
Panel Member
Identifying Knowledge Gaps Surrounding the Safe Production, Sale and Consumption of Cannabis and Cannabis-related Products

July 15-18, 2018, Chicago
International Food Technologists: IFT 18 Annual Meeting
Carbohydrate Functionality in Stabilizing Food Emulsions: Science, Formulation, Processing Conditions, Texture, and Physical Stability. (Non-cannabis)

October 24-27, 2018, Longboat Key, FL
National Association of Flavor and Food Ingredient Systems (NAFFS)
Flavor Opportunities within the Cannabis Market

IFT 18 Annual Meeting

July 15, 2018 8:00am

Ends July 18, 2018 1:45am

McCormick Place
2301 S King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616

IFT 18 Annual Meeting
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