Tarukino Launches Velvet Swing, Cannabis Infused Lubricant in California

Seattle, WA – [November 16th, 2017] Velvet Swing is a THC & CBD infused intimate lube developed by women, for women, to enhance the sexual experience. Velvet Swing  is the FIRST and ONLY water soluble cannabis lube, making it latex safe. Revolutionary! Mistress Matisse, a professional dominatrix and sex educator in Seattle since 1997, was inspired to create Velvet Swing to blend the enhancing powers of cannabis with a lube that can be used by women (and their partners) for amazing pleasure. Working with Seattle-based cannabis and sex expert Chelsea Cebara, she developed a revolutionary pH balanced, plant-based formula that contains no parabens, glycerin, or propylene glycol. The product has taken the local Washington market by storm as the #1 selling cannabis infused lube, and can be found in California in select dispensaries in mid-November. Visit www.velvetswing.com for a list of partner dispensaries.

Velvet Swing is specifically created to enhance arousal, sensual pleasure, and orgasm. The THC in the lubricant dilates tiny capillaries in the genital tissue, and increases the sensitivity of all erogenous zones, no matter the gender. The CBDs work with the THC to relax muscle tension, which leads to more pleasurable intercourse, and stronger, deeper orgasms. Notably, Velvet Swing can enhance post-menopausal sexual experiences, and other age or ability-restricted sexual situations, as well.

Velvet Swing is thrilled be joining the family of THC and CBD purveyors in California. This innovative product will thrill all genders and their erogenous zones.  Unique to Velvet Swing is the following:

  • Compatible with latex and polyisoprene barriers (i.e., condoms, dams and gloves)
  • Water-soluble, non-staining, neautral-scent and taste
  • Non-irritating, natural, pH-balanced formula for the vaginal biome
  • No parabens, glycerin or glycols
  • Contains a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend
  • Made for and by women, but fun for people of all sexes and genders


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Nicole Lisson is the Social Media Manager and Photographer at Tarukino. In her free time, she can be found wandering the streets of Seattle in search of the perfect croissant and or writing bodice-ripping romance novels.

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