Mistress Matisse’s 5 Steps To Enhance Sexytime

Romantic partnerships tend to ebb and flow. It’s healthy for relationships to fluctuate between fits of passion and evenings of sofa slouching. But there are some nights when the fires must be stoked! And Valentine’s Day can often be one of those occasions. So, who better to ask for advice on how to heighten the mood successfully than a professional? We had a chance to catch up with our resident expert dominatrix, Mistress Matisse, creator of Velvet Swing, to ask for her top tips on how to summon romance this February 14th.

  1. Set the mood: get some candles or other ‘mood’ lighting, put on some music, and wear something that makes you feel HOT.
  2. Before the first kiss, create a mental and emotional connection with your partner. Get rid of any distractions, and give each other your undivided focus. Flirt with your eyes and your body language as though they were someone you’d just met.
  3. Use your words – tell your partner how wildly sexy they are, and tell them how much you’ve been looking forward to making love with them.
  4. Spend some time just making out on the couch like teenagers.
  5. Ask your partner to erotically undress you, or to undress themselves while you watch.

Yowza! Way to go, Mistress Matisse! We knew we could trust you.

If part of a partnership is getting to know one another closely and intimately, there are bound to be aspects of each, physically and mentally, that you end up taking for granted. It’s human nature. But these tips – especially creating an emotional connection with your partner, using your words and a little undressing – perfectly preface an evening of adoring passion. Thanks again, Mistress Matisse! Siri, screen grab Matisse’s tips for later!

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Jacob Uitti

Jacob Uitti

Jake Uitti is a Seattle-based writer, Tarukino marketer, and Uber Eats aficionado. He thinks life is best with a hot (delivered) meal, a catchy song and a cold bottle of Happy Apple to split with a friend. Follow him at https://twitter.com/jakeuitti

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