Paper and Leaf Testimonial # 2

While there are many great uses for Washington’s #1 cannabis-infused product, Happy Apple – from pain relief to smokeless consumption – perhaps the most ubiquitous and enjoyable one is grabbing a bottle from the fridge, popping the top and relaxing at home on the sofa in front of your favorite show.

“We see everyone come in here, from 21 to 101,” says Emily, a medical marijuana consultant with Bainbridge, Washington’s Paper and Leaf dispensary. “And Happy Apple has been such a crowd pleaser.”

Donna, a cannabis lifestyle consultant at the dispensary, agrees. She says she recalls one customer – “a big, burly teddy bear” of a guy – coming in and buying a single bottle. But soon the man began regularly coming back to buy four or five bottles per trip. “I think it’s become his nightly drink,” Donna says. “In fact, there’s a lot of people who come in and are looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption – and Happy Apple is a no-brainer for that.”

The familiarity that the bottle offers, coupled with the tart and delicious apple taste, make Happy Apple the fun supplement to any movie night, binge watching session or Netflix-and-Chill repose. Made with all-natural ingredients, including the finest Washington apples money can buy, there’s a reason Happy Apple is #1.



Nicole Lisson is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at Tarukino. In her free time, she can be found wandering the streets of Seattle in search of the perfect croissant and or writing bodice-ripping romance novels.
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