Quiz: Is Mom Ready for the Cannabis Talk?

Moms are generally in a good mood on Mother’s Day. It’s almost like we can do no wrong on May 13th—surprisingly. After all, we did make them moms. Depending on your relationship, Mother’s Day can be the optimal time to discuss recreational cannabis if you haven’t yet. Why? Because science has proven moms are more open to change on Mother’s Day.

Take this opportunity to either talk to your mother about your own cannabis use, or maybe even invite her to partake? Take this quiz to find out. Here’s to hoping it’s not as awkward as your sex talk!

When recreational cannabis comes up in conversation how does your mother respond?

  1. Talks about how amazing the ‘70s were.
  2. Brings up the fact that marijuana is still federally illegal.
  3. No words. Quizzical look.
  4. Tells you how much you disappoint her. (Ouch.)

If you mother responds to cannabis with reactions (a.)-(c.), it may be time to talk to her about cannabis. If her response is (d.) disappointment in you, then definitely bring up at least three instances you did very impressive things in life.

Now, respond based on your mother’s response to cannabis:

  1. This is your in! Play up the validity of the era while educating mom about all of the “new diversity in strains these days.”
  2. Agree with her wholeheartedly and wait until next Mother’s Day to bring it up again.
  3. Hand her a bottle of Happy Apple™ or Utopia™ and dive right into the conversation.
  4. Woof.

The key to a successful cannabis talk is knowing when your mother is ready. After you’ve gone through it with her—the rest of the family will seem like a breeze. Call your mom.

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Karen Locke

Karen Locke

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