How To Survive the Holidays with Your Family (Hint: Vertus)

The age-old saying is age-old for a reason: because it’s often true. You can’t pick your family. You are born into a group of people and you love them but that doesn’t mean you like them or that you always get along. One of your cousins might like to wear red hats with dumb political slogans. One uncle might like home brewing beer so much he shares it with you whether you want it or not. And your grandmother might think you’re perpetually 11 years old. The holidays are a time of reconnecting with both the good and bad. But don’t worry, Vertus cannabis bubbly can help!

The Fridge Sneak: Around 11 a.m., things can get pretty hairy. You’ve used up all your energy attentively nodding to small talk and you’ve mentioned that everyone should see a movie later, but there were no takers. What now?! Of course, the fridge! Poke your head into the refrigerator pretending to see what might make for a good snack and pull put the bottle of Vertus. Take a quick quizzical look as if you don’t know the loveliness it holds, and take a sip or three. Nod your head to whatever your aunt is saying and put the bottle back. Perfect score!

The Share: When your uncle is yapping about his latest home brew pale ale, listen intently. Then pull out a sparkling bottle of Vertus and say, “Wanna try some champagne?” He’ll be so involved in his stories about hop ratios and malt varieties that he won’t skip a beat as you re-up on your Vertus for the mid-afternoon. Sometimes the best secret moves are done in plain sight.

The Pre-Dinner Nap: Wow, all this activity has sure tuckered you out. Might as well get 40 winks so that you’re energy is up before dinner. Right, Mom? What a plan! Hustle into the nearest bedroom with a glass of Vertus and watch some YouTube as you sip the effervescent bubbles at sunset. No one is the wiser. And hey, you still like your family. The plan is working!

Dinnertime: You know what goes well with a roast chicken and a lot of family time around a table? That’s right! A glass of Vertus. Pour one for yourself and watch, no one will know it’s infused champagne. Great Grandma might turn her nose up at a cannabis product, but the sleek bottle and the foil wrapping paper has her thinking you’re a cultured family member who likes a nice dry sparkling. Hip-hip! Vertus!

The Late Night Porch Glass: What a day! But the good thing is no one has been killed in a great big family brawl. Vertus has done the trick so far, so why not sneak out under the stars and finish off the bottle. Maybe bring your big brother outside and enlighten him to the great possibilities of the infused sparkling beverage. See? Vertus can help bring family together. Until next year, holiday homies!

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Jacob Uitti

Jacob Uitti

Jake Uitti is a Seattle-based writer, Tarukino marketer, and Uber Eats aficionado. He thinks life is best with a hot (delivered) meal, a catchy song and a cold bottle of Happy Apple to split with a friend. Follow him at

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