Top 5 Reasons to Switch Out Your Cocktail for a Cannabis Infused Drink

Ah, alcohol. How many times have we danced? One bajillion? Two bajillion? I’ve lost count and brain cells from our many nights together. This might come as a shock but I’m a bit tired of you, alcohol.  I’m 35 now and your sultry siren song has run its course. But its a new age! Dawn has come! We can now enjoy a refreshing sip of an ice cold beverage during a night out and NOT HAVE TO DRINK alcohol. It’s true! Thanks to Happy Apple, Vertus and Utopia – rejoice! But if you’re still not sold on the idea, let me offer a little bit of reassurance. Without further ado, here are the top-5 reasons to swap out your cocktail for a cannabis infused drink.

It’s too nice out for a hangover: Seattle summers are, in a word, paradise. But if you’re hungover, lying in bed with the covers over your eyes, wishing you didn’t take that extra whisky ginger or that shot of tequila, then you can’t enjoy the bliss. The world is your oyster, don’t get pickled.

Drinking costs a lot of money: How many times have you woken up and tried to remember the fuzzy night prior. “How much did I spend?” you wonder, beginning to calculate the beers, drinks and late-night food (you probably shouldn’t have eaten in the first place). How many wasted $50 nights have you left in your drunken wake? Too many! But a cannabis infused drink like Happy Apple or Utopia only costs about $8. Pretty affordable, especially when compared to last night’s bar tab.

Blacking out was supposed to be left behind in your 20s: Sure, on your 21st birthday, forgetting the 2am – 4am hours is funny. But when you’re 31 and you can’t remember how you got home – that’s scary. Avoid that situation all together by popping open a cannabis infused drink such as Vertus. You’ll get your buzz on and get in bed at an appropriate hour. Yay, adulthood!

You do sloppy, dumb things when you’re drunk: Like… throwing up. ‘Nuff said.

Try something new: Life can get stale if you don’t mix things up a bit. How many more times can you say the words “vodka soda” or “old fashioned” without your tongue dying from boredom? Try. Something. New. Mix. It. Up. And, besides, if you don’t think Happy Apple is the best tasting beverage on the planet, then we’ll refund the money you paid for this post. Cheers!

Jacob Uitti

Jacob Uitti

Jake Uitti is a Seattle-based writer, Tarukino marketer, and Uber Eats aficionado. He thinks life is best with a hot (delivered) meal, a catchy song and a cold bottle of Happy Apple to split with a friend. Follow him at

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